TransMate-84 2-Channel System
TransMate-84, 2-Channel
TransMate-84 4-Channel System
TransMate-84, 4-Channel

DEVPROTEK's TransMate-84 is an OEM product for the integration of SEMI E84 and E23 communication protocols standards into Process Equipment. The TransMate-84 module implements all handshaking functions internally for material transfer. It requires minimal involvement of process tools, and thus simplifies their operation and integration.

A TransMate-84 module provides standard E23/E84 infrared interfaces to AGV/OHV via Hokuyo transceivers. It also provides additional opto-isolated discrete I/O lines for external use, such as detection of sensors and switches. A process tool communicates with the TransMate-84 via a simple serial connection.

The products come complete with DLLs and COM components for use on Windows 9x/NT/2000 platforms. Non-Windows control systems are also supported via a simple ASCII protocol.

Benefits and Features:

  • A simple and cost-effective solution for a process tool to comply with SEMI E84/E23 standards
  • A self-contained hardware unit simplifies development of process tools and reduces the need of in-house expertise
  • Internal handshaking implementation leads to minimal operation involvement of process tools
  • Additional I/Os provides flexibility for different application requirement
  • Unassigned PIOs can be used as discrete I/O ports
  • LED indicators to show operation status helps diagnosis and recovery of errors