Devprotek LVS-200C
High Speed Automatic Part Loader/Unloader for CNC Machines

This high speet part loader for CNC machines provides a fast load/unload cycle and easy operator use.


  • Fast Machine Loading Cycle - 3 Seconds Part Loading
    • Closed loop servo system for high resolution and fast travel
  • High Capacity - Up to 120 parts in queue on the Cleated Conveyor
    • Optional bulk or vibratory feeders for increased capacity
  • Small Footprint - Top Loading Mechanism
    • Leaves work area open for easy machine access and manual loading
    • Loader is outside of machining area away from coolant and chips
  • Quick Change Over - 10 minutes or less
    • PC windows software for easy part configuration setup
  • Easily retrofitted to most existing CNC Lathes and Milling Machines
    • Simple electrical interface connection with machine controller
  • Competitively Priced - Scalable for different requirements
    • Lower cost options for less demanding applications


  • High Speed
    • Robot is capable of loading parts in 3 seconds.
    • Servomotors with encoders provide a fast and reliable closed-loop system.
  • Small Footprint
    • This system is mounted on the top of the lathe with its own automatic access door.
    • Top mount system allows operator to have full access to the front door of the CNC. In contrast, front-loading robots must be moved to allow access.
  • Ease of Programming
    • Stand-alone controller with an Ethernet port allows for network capability and programming from your PC.
    • Easy to use PC software allows you to quickly configure new parts, without any ladder logic programming.
    • Programmable multiple positions allows for quick changeover (less than 10 minutes)
    • Storable part-configuration database for a quick selectable changeover, eliminating the need to adjust hard stops as with pneumatic robots.


  • Mechanical
    • Y and Z Axis resolution up to 0.000035 inch (less than 1 micron)
    • Repeatability of +/- 0.0003 inch
    • Y and Z Axis speed up to 80 inches per second
    • Handles payloads up to 10 pounds
  • Facility Requirement
    • Power: 110 volts AC, 240 volts AC (3 phase) or 230 volts AC (single phase)
    • Pneumatics: 80 PSI air pressure
  • Optional Features
    • Part Rotation
    • Loading and Unloading eccentric parts, even at an angle to the chuck
    • Machined part vision inspection system and program compensation for part variation
    • Gripper design to allow use of tail stock
    • High capacity bulk feeders and vibratory feeders