Company Overview

DEVPROTEK is a new class of company, dedicated to providing multidisciplinary expertise for today's high technology clients. Modern business models require low cost, high quality, flexible, and complex product development under demanding time constraints. DEVPROTEK was formed to handle these kinds of problems. Whether you are designing a new product, building a prototype, or bring a new system on-line, DEVPROTEK has the expertise you need.

DEVPROTEK has a pool of talented professionals able to solve almost any technical problem. All of our personnel have years of experience in many fields. DEVPROTEK is a small business, motivated to keeping our customers happy. Our definition of quality is simple: We Believe Quality is Achieved When Our Client Loves Doing Business with Us. This means exceptional value to our customers. Value that is derived from a competent staff, low overhead, and effective management.

DEVPROTEK's expertise is in four basic disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Program Management. All of our seasoned professionals have hands-on experience in their fields. Since all of our people are multi-disciplined, we excel where other companies fail. We can provide the same high quality consulting, designing, and training other companies do, but the area where we really outshine the competition occurs when systems comprise aspects of precision mechanisms, hardware, and software. We design, develop, build, and implement automated systems for customer applications.

We are experienced in Semiconductor Equipment, Manufacturing Automation, and Pharmaceutical applications. Let the experience and wealth of knowledge of DEVPROTEK help your company. You will be surprised by our competitive prices, satisfied with our knowledge, and pleased with the quality and results you receive.

We specialize in:

  • Electromechanical Design of precision mechanisms, pick/place systems, and robotics
  • Machine Control Design
  • Vision systems for inspection and system control
  • Motion Control Systems
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Drive Control Systems
  • Prototyping and Assembly
  • Turnkey Material Handling Systems

Our Target Markets are:

  • Material Handling
  • Custom Machine Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Test and Measurement Systems

Current Clients In:

  • Semiconductor Equipment: design and development of 300mm measurement system, including edge grip end-effector and high temperature chamber (500 C)
  • Manufacturing Automation: designed, developed, and manufactured Laser Cutting Systems for solar cell production. System consisted of 8 axes motion control, vision system, and PLC system controller
  • Material Handling: Vision Software design and development